TwinExplorer opens two Explorer windows side by side at the selected files location from the context menu of Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2015. Twin Explorer kills previous instances of Explorer in order to avoid cluttering the desktop, if there are more than 5 Explorer instances already running. 

Pollux - Low level library for Excel and Word files

Excel and Word interoperation works well for use cases where file sizes are limited and the performance overhead for the interoperation between the F# runtime and the Office application is acceptable. For production scenarios beyond these constraints, this low level library for manipulating Excel and Word files directly has been proven to be helpful. 

git:me, a GitHub notification timeline

git:me keeps a Github notification timeline of the current notification stream available on your mobile device. The intention of the project was to migrate a non-trivial C# app to F#. The C# app was built based on a Microsoft template that is feature-complete out of the box 

Babylonian clay tablet YBC7289

This is a Babylonian clay tablet from around 1700 BC known as “YBC7289” of the Yale Babylonian Collection. It is a diagram of a square with one side marked as having length $1/2$. The diagonal is annotated with the numbers $1,$ $24,$ $51,$ $10,$ indicating the approximation of $$\sqrt 2 \approx 1 + \frac{24}{60} + \frac{51}{60^2} + \frac{10}{60^3}$$ with five digits precision. For a nice summary of the math behind refer e.g. to John Baez.